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Cash on delivery / Online payment using VISA or Mastercard / Money order / Transfer via Internet Banking

To pay for your order from you have the following options:

  • Cash on delivery;
  • Online payment using VISA or Mastercard;
  • Money order;
  • Transfer via Internet Banking

1. Cash on delivery

The order will be paid in full either to the delivery agent or to the Post Office, depending on where the delivery was done; the bill will also include the shipping fee; the currency is “Romanian lei (RON)”.

2. Online payment using a credit card

The online payment is completely secure and can be done using a personal or a company credit card. We accept VISA and MATERCARD.

There is no additional fee for transactions.

To ensure the security of the transactions, uses NETOPIA mobilPay platform.

To successfully finalize the transaction, you have to complete the necessary data for the authorization of the transaction on the NETOPIA mobilPay page.

If the card is associated to an account in other currency than RON (lei), the transaction will be carried out according to the exchange rate of the bank that issued the card.

The card processing is done exclusively through NETOPIA mobilPay platform. doesn’t ask for and doesn’t store any of your card details.

3. Money order

A proforma invoice will be issued and will be e-mailed or faxed to the customer. The delivery will be done after the payment confirmation, into the account mentioned below. The order can be shipped to the customer or it can be picked up from our premises after the payment was received into the Doxologia Publisher’s account.

4. Transfer via Internet Banking

You can use your own bank’s internet banking to make the payment, just as in a regular bank transfer. The bank transfer will be made based on a proforma invoice issued by us, and the delivery terms are the same as the ones mentioned above.


Company name: Mitropolia Moldovei si Bucovinei
Account no. RON: RO21CECEIS0130RON1106566
The Bank: CEC BANK

Company name: Mitropolia Moldovei si Bucovinei
Account noEURO: RO43CECEIS01C1EUR1106567
The Bank: CEC BANK

Registration code: 5334656

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